Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year - New Goals.

I will post some of my writing here everyday. Today's sample is pulled from Chapter Five of my novel in progress, "Written on the Walls."

Hope you enjoy.

"Paul watched Helen’s transformation over the years and had, on more than one occasion, considered that what he gave her on a weekly, sometimes daily basis was contributing to her decline. For drug dealers, at least those with some moral compass, justification comes with the territory. Paul had a checklist of responses to each of his own mental accusations: A. I’m not forcing it up her nose, right? B. There’s no gun to her head. C. She’s a big girl and can make her own choices. D. I’m a good person. Each of which satisfied him only slightly until the person in question had gone away. If Helen ever told him that she might have a problem, Paul was confident that he’d not sell even a granule to her, no matter how evergreen her trust fund was.
“Whatever. No big deal. She’ll come back. She ain’t gonna find anyone better than me.”
“I’m sure she’ll come back,” he told her, thinking that there was no way in hell that could be true. Paul retracted his arms from around her neck and slid the small baggie into the collar of her v-neck sweater. He made sure that it was tucked securely in her bra before pulling away fully. Paul added a new mental justification then, E. I’m leaving tomorrow, she won’t be able to get anymore once I’m gone. She’ll turn herself around, before settling on F. Fuck it, All of the Above."

Thanks for reading guys!


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