Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Down Rodeo.

I woke up with a head cold looming on the horizon and I expect it will reach full force by this evening. In response, I am prohibiting myself from being in the outside world and thus, give myself time to start a project I've been putting off: Creating a blog.

Everyone tells me how important these things are, so here goes. In the future you will undoubtedly experience me babble on about unimportant things as well as track the progress of the novel I have begun writing during my first semester in Pacific University's MFA program.

As this is my first rodeo, I welcome and beg for any advice or tips on not only the blogging world but the writing/literary world as well.

Daily Update
Packet #2 - finished and ready to send. 
Novel Page Count - 36. 
Sample -
He stood mid roof.  It was so quiet. He held his breath and heard nothing, not rats scurrying, not the murmur of traffic, not even the buzzing of insects. He ran a hand across the exposed portions of his skin, checking for mosquito bites.  Nothing. Along with their voices, the bugs were gone. Even the hum of the city, the air conditioners. Absent.