Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Slang.

I am completely overwhelmed with this computer. As this is my first Mac, I'm sure I've discovered only about 5% of what the machine is capable of. The unfolding discovery of it has taken time away from writing today but I'm sure it will pay off in the end. If anyone has any beginners tips for using a MAcBook Pro or have any cool features to tell me about, don't be shy.

I'm going to close the lid soon and leave the apartment to join the living soon. My lady was accepted to University of Portland (couldn't be more proud) this morning and is now in front of the mirror primping for a night of celebration at a plethora of dive bars.

Daily Update
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Instead, sparks flew from the dripping wires and lightning shot out of his legs. I didn’t believe when I saw it--on each leg three bolts of electricity exploded from his calves and blew out the toe of his high-tops. The surge licked at the air like lizard’s tongues and dug themselves into the wooden flooring.

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