Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Graduation Day.

I missed the delivery of my new MacBook Pro by 4 minutes this morning. FOUR MINUTES. Now, I've been waiting all day to drive to Lake Oswego to pick it up from the sorting center. Maybe the missed delivery was a blessing, though. I had wanted to get a few pages done today and if I would have had that new laptop in my grubby little paws, I know I wouldn't have written a single word. So, in essence, I have to express my gratitude for the punctuality of the drivers employed by FedEx. Well done and thank you for encouraging me stop procrastinating and write.

That said, I've written six pages today. And I'm fairly happy with the results. They'll probably be distilled down to one or two during the revision process, but at least I wrote them.

Next on the agenda: eat something and convert, consolidate and save everything to an external in order to shift all my files from this PC to the new MacBook. Hello, tedium and exhaustion. Wish me luck and next entry will be written on "Dolph." (I haven't even turned on the new computer, but I feel that it will be so amazing that I should name it after Jean Claude Van Damm's nemesis in Universal Soldier.)

Daily Update
Novel Length - 43 pages
Sample - There were no overturned chairs or bent spoons, no accumulation of garbage or charred remnants of wallpaper and drywall from a random fire. He couldn’t see any lengths of rubber straps. The room was free from a metal bed frame without its mattress and wiry springs jutting upward.  Not single bloodstain or smudge of human remains. No Leonardo DiCaprio hovering over a stained toilet wretching.

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