Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Party Hard.

The past two days have been a whirlwind. I can't stop writing. The story just seems like it's unfolding for me, like I'm not even the one writing it. The character are deepening and the scenes are feeling richer. But maybe thats just the delirium talking. My brain feels a little fried and I've smoked too many cigarettes. Besides working at the bar, writing has become my full time gig and since I got back from my residency at the coast, I've been putting in some serious overtime.

I might need to take a night off. Clock out early. Even writing this post is tough.

I've been thinking though, if this were to ever get published, who would I dedicate it to? There's the girlfriend, the parents and the professors and mentors. I'd want to list them all but that wouldn't be special for any of them. Maybe I'll just dedicate it to RedBull and the muted reruns of NCIS that I have playing the whole time I'm writing. Hmm.

Well, 'til next time!

Daily Update

Page Count - 88
Sample -

He parked out of sight and the four young men scrambled out of the Vanda Bear. They walked along the chain link fence looking for any easy place to jump over when they came to a section that had been cut, a flap hung downward like a door coming free from the hinges. Abel stomped the mesh into the ground and stood on it so the other three could pass through easily. Ketch went, then PriM, then Bryan. 
As he doubled himself over to fit through the space, the gun fell out of Bryan’s pocket and came to rest on the rocky ground with a thud. Ketch and PriM were far enough ahead that they didn’t hear it, but Bryan turned to look at Abel and his eyes were locked right on it. 
Abel whispered, “I didn’t know it was gonna be that kind of party.”


  1. Yeah! My favorite excerpt so far.

    Keep on it!

  2. I love this --happened upon it. What a great idea. I love what I am reading, and I am delightfully creeped out by the people in gas masks lurking in the background.